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Safety first & foremost

Safety, health and the environment are all important elements of what we do.

Our Engineering division specialises in the design, offsite manufacture and installation of mechanical and electrical solutions, and we have an industry-leading reputation for delivering our work and projects responsibly and sustainably.

We are a national business with a local presence and our project portfolio includes nuclear new build, fast-paced manufacturing facilities, state-of-the-art schools, universities and hospitals, cutting-edge office spaces and retail venues, railway stations, sports stadiums and iconic city landmarks.

We continue to develop our culture as leaders in the industry, through our Safety First & Foremost principal, which is underpinned by our GLOBE strategy and Don’t Walk By initiative.


We manage safety, health and the environment through the ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ model.


Ensuring leadership at every level is visible and felt.


Everyone understanding their responsibilities and being accountable for their actions.


Introducing new processes to positively affect culture change.


Ensuring healthier and safer workplaces.

Don’t Walk By is something we ask all our people to do.

We encourage everyone to look out for one another and have the confidence to speak out and report safe or unsafe acts and conditions, whilst also reporting acts of best practice, no matter how small or insignificant they think they may be.

We want everyone to work together and be actively involved with making sure any incidents are effectively resolved and best practice is acknowledged and implemented across the business.

We're putting the health into health and safety.

We're doing this by creating an ethos that protects our people, supply chain partners and customers from workplace health risks, empowering them and enabling them to make informed lifestyle choices.

We are always aspiring to develop new, safer and healthier ways of working.

We care about the environment.

We recognise that our business activities can have an effect on the environments we work in and we strive to minimise our impact by making sure relevant control measures are in place.

All our projects carry out dedicated environmental risk assessments and develop community impact plans to ensure we are good neighbours wherever we work.

Our designs offer low energy solutions to our customers and through the use of offsite manufacture, we have greatly reduced the amount of site generated waste.

We don’t just talk the talk, we have solar panels installed at a number of our office locations to reduce our reliance on grid electricity and one of our offices is heated by a dedicated biomass installation.

We have reduced the carbon footprint of our car fleet which has lowered our overall fossil fuel consumption and we actively encourage the use of skype for business, which has drastically reduced our transport miles.

Our ongoing commitment to continuously improving our performance has also been recognised and celebrated through many industry awards, including RoSPA Gold Awards, Gold Medal Awards and the prestigious Order of Distinction, among others.