Unified Communications Expert Panel Q&A

The Disconnected Enterprise: Why have past Unified Communications initiatives fallen short?

Unified communications (UC) has given workers more ways of communicating with each other than ever before. But despite the promise of a “unified” experience, business communications remain more disjointed than ever.Why is it that despite recent advances in UC technologies only small numbers of enterprise mobility initiatives are fulfilling expectations and providing employees with a working environment that drives innovation and growth?

To explore the issues and explain why UC now has a promising future, Indi Sall, technical director at NG Bailey’s IT Services division, sat down with Tim Banting, principal analyst, collaboration and communications at Current Analysis, Andy Bannister, Mitel’s head of UK Cloud and Ian Bevington, Mitel’s UCaaS propositions manager. 

Unified Communi

The Disconnected Enterprise

Video One

Why are IT departments failing to deliver the mobile devices or apps that employees find most useful to do their jobs? 

Video Two

Do negative attitudes make some key departments more resistant to new UC technologies than others, and if so why? 

Enterprise Mobility

Video Three

Who within the enterprise should be in charge of deciding who needs to be connected to who, what, when and how often?

Is it the job of the CIO, the IT department, internal department heads or a combination of all parties? 

Video Four

This isn’t the first time that enterprise mobility and unified communications have been touted as the route to increased employee collaboration. What’s changed? 

Video Six

What are the most effective UCaaS initiatives and technologies which enterprises should be implementing? 

The Workplace of the Future

Video Five

Most companies underestimate the depth of change that is needed to create an optimal working environment.

What are the top operational and technological changes which businesses need to make? 

Video Seven

Does the IT team need to work closer with facilities departments to build the future workplace? 

Video Eight

What role will Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) play in creating the future workplace? 

Video Nine

What is the CIOs role in creating the future workplace?