Bryan Cranston calls on you to #ShareTheOrange to get people thinking differently about dementia

22nd March 2018

Acclaimed actor, writer, producer, director and author, Bryan Cranston, who lost his mother Audrey ‘Peggy’ Sell to Alzheimer’s disease in 2004, is supporting the latest chapter in our charity partner of the year’s award-winning #ShareTheOrange campaign.

The campaign created by Alzheimer’s Research UK and starring Bryan is designed to get people thinking differently about dementia and challenge the enduring misconception that the condition is simply a by-product of age. A recent YouGov survey commissioned by Alzheimer’s Research UK revealed that, when asked what they think dementia is and who it affects, just one in four (23%) British adults specifically mentioned brain disease or degeneration.

But the overall campaign message is one of hope. Research has overcome other physical diseases and scientists across the world are working hard to power breakthroughs that will change the lives of people with dementia, too.

Brian said: “I was honoured to be part of the #ShareTheOrange campaign for Alzheimer’s Research UK. Alzheimer’s took my mother’s life, but our loved-ones hopefully could be saved from the same fate. With advanced scientific research, hard work and generous support, Alzheimer’s Research UK, one day, could make finding a cure a reality.”

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