NG Bailey takes a LEAP with new management programme

27th March 2017

NG Bailey has introduced a new management development programme; Leadership, Engagement And Performance, LEAP for short.

LEAP has been developed in response to employee feedback calling for more structured management development programmes and tools to help our managers and supervisors engage and manage their people more effectively.

The programme is geared towards helping managers and supervisors build performance within their teams by getting the best out of their people. It comprises a combination of a two-day workshop, e-learning modules and social interactive learning through online communities. The two-day workshop component aims to:

  • equip managers / supervisors with tools to increase their self-awareness 
  • help them to better appreciate other people’s difference and the value it brings
  • enable them to adapt their communication style so that they can adapt and engage with the individuals in their teams more effectively.

A successful pilot of the LEAP workshops took place throughout January and February 2017 with 53 senior managers from our Facilities Services division attending the two day workshop; 120 first-line managers and supervisors will be attending from March to May.

LEAP will be tailored for each of our divisions and rolled out across the business throughout 2017.