End-to-End Management from a Single Point of Control

The integration of a Building Management System (BMS) with the IT network infrastructure allows for the automation and optimisation of all the services and equipment that manage a building’s environment. Known as intelligent buildings, they offer better economic and environmental performance as well as an enhanced user experience.

NG Bailey’s end-to-end Intelligent Building Management solution provides a single point of control for all building, fire and security systems. The result is a ‘healthier’ and more efficient building where previously manually operated systems such as lighting, heating, ventilation and CCTV, are now automated, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Systems are programmed to work together to trigger ‘smart reactions’. For example, occupancy sensors can enable lights, air conditioning and other services to be automatically switched on or off as people enter or leave areas of the building. IT systems not operated for a certain length of time can trigger an alert and be powered off automatically. A swipe card reader activated outside normal working hours can trigger an alert and activate a CCTV recording.


As energy costs continue to rise, managing and lowering consumption is high on the agenda. As such, our end-to-end Intelligent Building Management solution also includes energy management systems which enable our clients to significantly reduce costs.

We offer a number of solutions including Rare Energy which can identify, manage and reduce energy usage by utilising a building’s existing assets more efficiently. This solution can be implemented in a single location or on an enterprise scale. We are also a lead partner for Cisco’s EnergyWise, which helps to monitor, measure and manage the energy usage of all network-connected devices across distributed office and data centre environments.

Both solutions allow you to control your energy usage and run your buildings as efficiently and economically as possible.


NG Bailey offers a true end-to-end solution, from initial design right through to installation and on-going management. With accreditations and partnerships with some of the world’s leading vendors, we have access to the latest technologies and systems. Our intelligent building management solution is operated by a single control panel, simplifying management and reporting, and ensuring efficiency.


Intelligent Bui

Our complete intelligent building management solution spans and integrates:

  • Heating, lighting and ventilation systems
  • Fire safety systems
  • Access control
  • IP security systems, including CCTV and IP surveillance
  • IT infrastructure and communications
  • Audio visual technology
  • Energy management – both mechanical and electrical and IT-specific.