Working across a range of critical environments such as data centres, investment banking and manufacturing sectors we deliver:

  • A 24/7/365 operation - providing technically skilled, highly trained and competent people who understand the criticality of your business
  • 100% availability - ensuring no interruptions to supply by operating and maintaining prime and standby equipment
  • Environmental service level agreements - through proactive monitoring and management of cooling (and heating) systems.

Using our tried and tested ‘oper8 & maintain’ process we will look at eight key areas of your business operation and will provide you with experts who have the skill and capability to protect and efficiently manage your critical environments – mitigating risk to truly deliver peace of mind.

Throughout the mobilisation phase we work collaboratively with your team to understand your business. We will produce and deliver a training plan that begins with a thorough understanding of your assets and infrastructure.

Our three key areas of focus are your infrastructure, people and processes and we will work with you to develop the following:

• On the job training in the practical application of the emergency operating procedures
• Training by both our own people and our suppliers in the standard operating procedures
• Developing business continuity and contingency plans specifically for your site
• Our service is driven by proactive support. We will perform a series of scenarios that test the capability of our people and how the business continuity and contingency plans address the potential risks
• We also recognise that sometimes there is a reactive requirement and our service is geared up to respond
• Our continuous learning cycle allows for risks to be identified, mitigated and monitored to prevent occurrence so that you can get on with your business-as-usual activities.