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NG Bailey is a company founded on its values of Passion, Integrity and Excellence. When coupled with our mission to responsibly, design, build, operate and maintain buildings, infrastructure and IT services, and our vision to create exceptional environments for present and future generations, our One Approach to operating responsibly is integral to our culture. It also underpins our commitment to our people, customers and communities – in essence; it is at the heart of everything we do.

We recently relaunched our One Approach strategy following a successful five year plan, with a new strategy that will take us through to our centenary year of 2021. The last five years saw us achieve reach some fantastic milestones including:

> Generating almost 4.5million kWh of energy from our investment in solar and biomass renewable energy

> Saving our customers thousands of tonnes of carbon; this year alone we saved them 118,000 tonnes, that’s equivalent to 22 times our own carbon footprint.

> Engaged with almost 6,500 students and introduced them to the world of engineering

> Led the industry in the development of building information modelling (BIM) to reduce waste and improve efficiencies

> Supporting over 400 charitable giving applications from our people across the Group, totalling over £170,000.

Further details of our performance can be found in our annual responsibility report, or if you would like a brief overview of our performance please see the highlights document

What‘s next for One Approach and responsibility in our business?
As per our company mission we have revised our One Approach strategy following extensive engagement with our stakeholder groups to define our responsibility journey for the next three years. The new strategy (see diagram below) is simple and straightforward and features four key outcomes that we want NG Bailey to embody and represent by 2021; these are:

> A recognised employer of choice: Recognised as ‘One To Watch’ in the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For, we continue to build upon this recognition by actively addressing our approach to fairness, inclusion and respect and providing access and educational resources for the next generation of engineers through our INSPIRE STEM engagement programme. If you are an educational establishment who would like to find out more what we offer as part of our STEM programme please contact:

> A safe and sustainable business:  The safety of our people and all those that work on our projects comes first and foremost in our industry, but we take our environmental and supply chain impacts seriously too. We have invested in renewable energy initiatives across our estate and continue to work to improve the sustainability and efficiency of our properties and operations. Details of our Scope1 and Scope 2 carbon performance can be found here. Similarly, we recognise the importance of a sustainable supply chain and so by 2021 we will have adopted the ISO20400 standard across the Group

> The partner of choice in our industry: We recognise that our clients face sustainability challenges of their own and we recognise that we have the ability to help reduce their impacts through the provision of our services. We are committed to working with our clients to understand how we can better support their achievement of their sustainability goals

> Giving something back:  NG Bailey plays an important role in the communities we work in. We invest in supporting our employees’ charitable efforts through the provision of financial and in kind support and provide further investment via an employee nominated charity partnership. Alongside this , we continue to work with our customers to support community projects and can  provide other support where appropriate.

Each one of the outcomes listed above is supported by a series of specific workstreams which collectively, support the overall achievement of the four key outcomes by 2021.

We value your feedback, so please send any questions or comments to

One Approach
One Approach